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September 29, 2021

Scaling Your Business 4 min read

Here’s Why You Should Get a Custom Email for Your Business

WhatsApp, the world’s top messaging app recorded two billion users as of July 2021. This shouldn’t be a surprising figure, considering how wildly popular it’s in use. What's astonishing is the only other messaging platform that can trump its number — email.

Email has 4 billion users worldwide and is expected to grow to 4.6 billion in 2025. No wonder, businesses consider email as one of their prime marketing channels.

Your business email address may seem like a trivial matter. After all, you only need to have the means to communicate with your customers, right? Not quite. You need a custom email address to elevate your brand.

A custom email address includes your domain name. Instead of attaching an email provider ID such as or, it would appear as Explore how this slight change in your email address can have a significant impact on growing your brand.

5 Reasons Why a Custom Email is Crucial for Your Business

It increases brand credibility

It increases brand credibility

A professional email helps you earn trust. An email address attached to a domain name communicates credibility. It also sparks a remarkable first impression. Customers will most likely engage with emails from brands or businesses.

A generic email can come from anyone. Recipients who are particular with the emails they’re receiving won’t trust an unknown contact. Worst, they might tag you as spam. On the contrary, a branded email is an assurance that they’re from a legitimate business. Potential leads who are already looking forward to connecting with you won’t leave your email unopened.

It allows flexibility

It allows flexibility

If you wish to scale your business, you can’t depend on merely a single email contact. As you expand, your organisational structure will branch out to different departments handling different roles. It’s necessary to assign specific emails and optimise workplace communication.

A custom email address allows flexibility in providing dedicated emails to your team. It makes it easier to delegate tasks and direct inquiries to the right people. This streamlines processes and increases office efficiency. Here are smart ways to customise your emails:

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It permits control

It permits control

Besides flexibility, a custom email address also gives you control. It helps create emails for new team members and monitor inactive ones conveniently. This ensures sure that all business-related emails from your company come from branded emails.

If you opt for otherwise, you have no hold over the exchange of information among your employees and clients. When an employee decides to leave, you will lose all important data. A custom email allows you to do data backups. You can also easily deactivate the account or transfer it to a new employee.

It contributes to higher open rates

It contributes higher open rates

Lead conversion is the ultimate purpose of incorporating emails into your marketing and sales strategies. This is only possible if your prospect visits your website or gets in touch with you. You can kiss this opportunity goodbye if they refuse to open your emails in the first place.

They get tons of emails every day. If you don’t aim to stand out, yours will be buried among their unopened, or even deleted, messages. A custom email address delivers better open rate results. People are more compelled to check out an email from a sender they can immediately recognise.

It boosts branding and marketing efforts

Branding is vital for any business. It’s always best to exhaust all means of getting your name out there. A custom email strengthens your business’ branding. It coordinates your email with the rest of your online platforms, promoting brand recognition.

Using a custom email address also improves brand retention. Aside from skepticism, it will be hard for your customers to remember you with a generic email ID. Instead of an email from a trusted solutions provider, you will just be another message in their inbox.

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It’s not just an email address

An email address may seem like a menial detail, but it can do wonders for your business. More than a sprinkle of that professional touch, it paints a positive impression of your brand. Winning online significantly depends on how you urge people to trust you with their needs. This boosts your conversions and drives profit to your business.

A custom email address is among the simplest ways to accomplish that. Don’t lose out on countless opportunities because of a generic email address. Get a custom email exclusive to your brand. Do this with a reliable email hosting service to help you get started.


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