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January 7, 2022

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Why IdeaSpies Is Your Go-To Site for Reliable Information

What is IdeaSpies?  

What is IdeaSpies

Misinformation is nothing new, but it tends to reach people more quickly than the truth. And in a world where lies are rampant and credibility is essential, misinformation can block readers from accessing factual and meaningful stories.  

In fact, 59% of users say they regularly encounter fake news online. 

And this is what IdeaSpies aim to resolve.  

Created with the belief that the right ideas and stories can change the world for the better, IdeaSpies contains a collection of topics users can quickly explore and read. It’s the perfect platform for brands, influencers, government organisations, or anyone looking to share trustworthy and clever subjects people care about. 

However, sooner or later you will encounter unreliable articles no matter how well-written they might look. With that in mind, how do you make sure you end up reading and sharing credible information?  

Let’s find out. 

How can I find credible resources online?

Check the date

Check the date

As a reader, it’s important to keep yourself updated with the latest information. With that, try to avoid outdated resources. If the content was written 3 to 4 years ago and has not been updated since, it’s best to start looking elsewhere.  

Use of citations or statistics

Use of citations or statistics

Another way for you to know if an article is credible is if the author backs it up with reliable sources.  

Because unlike opinions – usually uninformed and biased – articles are more convincing if they contain citations, facts, and statistics. 

Inspect the links

Inspect the links

Aside from directly mentioning their sources, authors also hyperlink a word or a phrase. But not all hyperlinks are reliable. That's why it’s essential you visit those links and check if they’re broken, outdated, or misplaced.  

Get to know the writer

Get to know the writer

Finally, do a background check of the author. See how much expertise they have in the field by looking into their other written works. Do they look credible to you? 

If they have a LinkedIn account, try to find out the courses and certifications they took. Depending on how you’re using the information, you want to ensure the author is an expert in that field.

You’re a click away from reliable information

In a digitally inclined world, it’s important to be part of a movement that supports factual, reliable, and understandable information.   

This is what IdeaSpies stands for.  

Users can tap into the website's search bar function and get access to credible and reliable information fast.  From agriculture, cybersecurity to wellbeing, every article is fact-checked and edited by the IdeaSpies team. 

You can learn more about IdeaSpies by visiting their website here.

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